Titanium Twister 1300

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  • First and foremost, all our blades are made from FDA grade titanium and our blades are assembled into our grinders AFTER the other aluminum components are colored anodized (others are made from a single piece aluminum and their blades are cut into the piece, then everything then gets color anodized meaning as the aluminum blades wear, you are smoking aluminum dust and anodize chips. (Look at a well-used grinder and you will see exactly what we are talking about)
  • Another design element is at the point where our upper body meets the lid we have machined in ridges to self clean the lid and prevent product from building up between the lid and the upper body. With other grinders the product builds up which leads to hard turning and seizing up (you know what we are talking about)
  • Internally we have added machined radii to allow product to fall easily into the appropriate chamber which reduces the buildup around the inside of the grinder.
  • We believe the 1300 series is the smallest grinder on the market, easy to carry, easy to conceal.
  • Again, back to the titanium blades, yes titanium is way more expensive than aluminum and creating an assembly cost more than machining the blades into a single piece of aluminum, however if you are looking for a grinder that has titanium hard and sharp teeth, creates a fine fluffy consistency of your product, and prevents you from ingesting foreign debris your search is over. A few easy twists of our Titanium Twister and we believe you will see the difference, in fact we are so confident about the quality of our grinder if you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide you a full refund.