Z Cannabis Company was founded as a direct result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are a family owned aerospace parts manufacturing company that we started in 2006. However, in early 2020 as air traffic plummeted our principal customer informed us that they would only be purchasing a minimal number of parts from us for an indefinite timeframe.

Faced with COVID uncertainty, we pulled our team together and everyone was told that we were committed to the team, that no one would be laid off and everyone would continue to receive full salary until this COVID thing is over.

As time passed, we started discussing what products we could manufacture to keep our heads above water. The Cannabis industry was brought up and we talked about some of problems that consumers faced and how we could use our aerospace engineering and manufacturing skills to develop new products that would enhance and simplify their experience. During a lunch meeting the first idea was sketched on a napkin and Z Cannabis Company was off and running.

We are proud that no one was laid off, we are proud that we survived the chaos of COVID and we are proud of our American made products. In fact, since September 2021 our family has been traveling across the country in our "CannaVan" sharing our story. Please help us get the word out, that quality and customer satisfaction still matter and at Z Cannabis we still believe in both.


The convenient and easy to use cone loader that requires no rolling tray. Any brand 1 1/4 cone paired with our FDA grade titanium blades will guarantee a perfect packed cone every time!

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Our first generation cone loader. Convient and easy to use, just drop your cone into the cone holder, pinch your product from your grinder into the funnel, and pack your product down to make a perfect packed cone.

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