The Grindz-n-Pack’r Product Guide

The Grindz-n-Pack’r Product Guide

Breaking Down One of Our Best-Selling Cannabis Accessories

Enjoying cannabis requires having high-quality product and the right cannabis accessories to prepare it. Although we can’t help you with the cannabis portion, we do have plenty of weed accessories, weed grinders, and cannabis cones.

If you’ve ever smoked a poorly-rolled joint, then you already know why so many people turn to cannabis accessories for assistance. There’s nothing worse than a joint that burns unevenly or is filled with air pockets.

This is exactly why Z Cannabis has painstakingly developed some of the most advanced cannabis accessories on the market. We want our customers to be able to enjoy cannabis to the fullest. One of the products that’s helping them do that is the revolutionary Grindz-n-Pack’r.

The Grindz-n-Pack’r – A Weed Grinder and Cone Loader in One Product

The Grindz-n-Pack’r from Z Cannabis is the perfect two-in-one cannabis accessory. It functions as both a weed grinder and cone loader, which makes it one of the most efficient weed accessories on the market.

It’s also one of the most durable. The Grindz-n-Pack’r is proudly made in the USA from aerospace-grade billet aluminum, meaning it should be the last weed grinder and cone loader you’ll ever need. Z Cannabis products are built to go the distance, and the Grindz-n-Pack’r is no exception.

Let’s break this product down and then we’ll discuss step-by-step how to use it. The Grindz-n-Pack’r consists of five parts:

  • The top of the weed grinder
  • The bottom of the weed grinder
  • The casing
  • The cone loader
  • The packing rod

Let’s pretend you want to go through the process of grinding your cannabis product and loading up a cannabis cone using the cone loader. The following steps will walk you through how to use the Grindz-n-Pack’r. If you happen to be a pro with this stuff already, there’s no need to read. This guide is intended for those who have little to no experience using cannabis accessories.

1.) Remove the weed grinder portion of the Grindz-n-Pack’r; this part consists of the top two pieces.

2.) Remove the packing straw and the cone loader from the main casing.

3.) Insert a cannabis cone into the cone loader so that the open end is facing upwards.

4.) Use the packing rod to gently push in the cannabis cone the rest of the way.

5.) With the cannabis cone now loaded, place the cone loader back inside the main casing.

6.) Put your cannabis product in the weed grinder portion (do not grind yet), and place the weed grinder back on top of the main casing.

7.) Begin grinding your cannabis product so that it falls through the slots on the bottom of the weed grinder and into the cannabis cone in the cone loader.

8.) After your product is sufficiently grinded, remove the weed grinder portion once again, and pack the product using the packing straw; be mindful not to pack too tightly.

9.) With your cannabis cone is sufficiently packed, remove the cone loader from the bottom of the Grindz-n-Pack’r.

10.) If there’s not enough paper exposed to pull the cannabis cone out, you can use the packing rod to push the cone up via the hole in the bottom of the cone loader.

11.) Twist the tip of the cannabis cone and you are now ready to enjoy your product.

Find Your Favorite Cannabis Accessories at Z Cannabis

At Z Cannabis, we’re changing the landscape of the cannabis accessories world by creating products that are made to endure for years. That’s the main difference between us and other companies that specialize in cannabis accessories. We don’t use cheap materials that will either break or malfunction in a matter of months.

In addition to our best-selling Grindz-n-Pack’r, Z Cannabis also sells a cone loader-only product called the Fillz-n-Pack’r. It’s ideal for cannabis users who love their current weed grinder and just want help with the cone-loading portion of the process.

Don’t have a weed grinder? Z Cannabis has you covered. We carry the Titanium Twister, which is our premium-grade rendition of the classic weed grinder. The big difference is that our weed grinder does not contain harmful anodize chips that are often seen in lower-quality products.

The prices on Z Cannabis products might be slightly higher than what you’re used to seeing, but we have good reasons for that. All our accessories are made of the premium-grade materials, are engineered to be easy to use, and are of exceptional quality. You’ll also likely find the longevity of our products make them a worthwhile investment.

If you have any questions about Z Cannabis products, you can email us directly using the contact form on our website.

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