Grinders Features

Grinders Features

Titanium Grinders Features

Cannabis Accessories That Get Your Product to the Perfect Consistency

There are weed grinders out there that get the job done, and weed grinders that get the job done right.

Weed grinders that get the job done are typically made from cheap materials that will start to show signs of wear in a matter of months. Most of them are color-anodized on the blades and all throughout the weed grinder. After enough grinding, you’ll notice that the color starts to come off the blades. This means that anodized chips are getting into your cannabis and into your body every time you inhale.

You deserve a better tool. Z Cannabis Titanium Twister weed grinders use FDA-grade titanium blades that are assembled onto the product AFTER the color anodization process. This means you can look forward to a lifetime of using this cannabis accessory without worry of anodized chips entering your system or compromising the purity of your product.

In addition to keeping your cannabis free of impurities, our Titanium Twister weed grinders are easy to use and engineered to overcome the flaws and failures you may have experienced with other products.

What You Should Know About Our Titanium Twisters


  • Introduces a self-cleaning element designed to reduce the build-up of product seen in other grinders

  • Inner wall of the grinding portion includes jetties or “bump-outs” that keep the product moving toward the center, rather than building up on the walls

  • Teflon interface between the two blades facilitates a smooth grinding of product and is an absolute necessity for someone with a weaker grip or arthritic hands

All threads have a proprietary tri-lock design, which eliminates cross-threading; a simple quarter-turn opens the weed grinder

The Perfect Weed Grinder Available in Three Different Styles

Z Cannabis offers three different models of the Titanium Twister weed grinder. Choose the weed grinder size that’s right for your job - and don’t forget to shop for our other high-quality weed accessories, too.

Titanium Twister 2500

Titanium Twister 2000

Titanium Twister 1300

Looking for Other Cannabis Accessories?

Our cone loaders, cone loader and weed grinder combo products, and high-quality cannabis cones round out your smoking experience. Our cannabis accessories will help you enjoy your cannabis products to the fullest. If you have any questions about Z Cannabis products, please email us directly using the contact form on our website.




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