Cone Loaders Features

Cone Loaders Features

Breaking Down One of Our Best-Selling Cannabis Accessories

Enjoying cannabis and all its holistic benefits requires a couple key items. First, you need some exceptional cannabis. Although we can’t help you with that, we can help you with the second item – cannabis accessories.

More specifically, we’re referring to cone loaders, which are great for those who are sick of rolling joints by hand. The cone loaders from Z Cannabis allow you to assemble a perfectly-packed joint every single time. You’ll no longer have to worry about air pockets, uneven burning, or canoeing.

Our cone loaders come in two premium-grade varieties: the Grindz-n-Pack’r and the Fillz-n-Pack’r.

Grindz-n-Pack’r – A Weed Grinder and Cone Loader in One Product

The Grindz-n-Pack’r is one of our best-selling cannabis accessories because it’s a two-in-one product. Not only will it get your cannabis to the perfect consistency with its weed grinder function, but it will also serve as your cone loader.

The Grindz-n-Pack’r packs your cone for a flavorful and slow-burning experience with your favorite cannabis product. Proudly made in the USA from aerospace-grade billet aluminum, the Grindz-n-Pack’r should be the last weed grinder or cone loader you’ll ever need.

Z Cannabis doesn’t use plastic or other cheap materials, so you can be sure that Grindz-n-Pack’r will serve you well for many years to come.


Fillz-n-Pack’r – The Last Cone Loader You’ll Ever Need

If you happen to already have a weed grinder that you really love, but need some help with the cone-loading process, then look no further than the Fillz-n-Pack’r from Z Cannabis. Similar to the Grindz-n-Pack’r, this product serves as your cone loader so that you can assemble the perfect joint.

Simply pop a cannabis cone into the cone loader, pack it with the cannabis product of your choice, twist the end, and enjoy. The Fillz-n-Pack’r ensures that you’ll get the perfect pack every time, resulting in a flavorful and slow-burning experience.

As with all weed accessories from Z Cannabis, the Fillz-n-Pack’r is made from aerospace-grade billet aluminum right here in the USA. Our products are made to last a lifetime.


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