Quality Engineered Grinders and Cone Loaders

A Perfect Packed Cone Every Time

The new 2 in 1 grinder/cone loader you never knew you needed! The Z Cannabis Grindz-N-Pack’r has the combination of aero space grade material and titanium blades! This means drop a cone in the cone holder, attach the grinder, and grind away. No more limp joints, or messy tables


Titanium Twister Premium Herb Grinders

Efficient and Durable! FDA Titanium blades that are assembled after the aluminum components are anodized to prevent metal and anodize getting in your product. Our top-of-the-line engineered fasceting prevents build up, and our proprietary tri-lock design, eliminates cross threading. This will be the last grinder you ever buy!


Available in 3 Variations


Aerospace grade billet aluminun